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Installation 2014

“Border” is a site-specific installation which attempts to implement participations throughout the process of the art making and the actual presentation of the artwork. Through the construction of the suspended platform extended from the walls of the space, the residues of the process of construction, and the marks of the audience walking on the platform, the traces of the artist composing the work are intentionally to be remained present during the exhibition. Moving on the platform and along the surrounding walls, audiences are able to experience the border of the specific space with different perspectives while being aware of every taken step.

To me, the continuation of the “Border” series corresponds to making paintings that involve different spaces, time, and traces. Despite of the different approach to the actual construction, we observe important issues such as various spatial conditions, methods of productions, situations of participation, and more importantly, the works continue to respond to these conditions to confront the idea of existence.

2014.5  The 8th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, 2014 “We have never participated”, Shenzhen OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen, China